R.1.1  Project Management handbook and operational-management tools link
R.2.1 External Communication Tool-Kit link
R.2.2 First transnational Partnership Meeting and Project kick-off conference link
R.3.1 Desk Analysis Research Tool-Kit   link
R.3.2  nr. 6 National Reports "Considerations about the level of implementation of the EQF and ECVET Recommendations in the partner countries" link
R.3.3 Nr. 6 summaries, outlining the professional profiles related to the Italian selected profile link
R.3.4 Transnational comparative Matrix link
R.4.1 2nd Transnational Meeting - Piraeus link
R.4.2 Report of Analysis of the N.E.T.WORK methodology link
R.4.3 nr. 6 SWOT analysis referred to each partner countries (IT-AT-EL-ES-RO-SI). link
R.4.4 Comparative SWOT analysis (IT – EN) link
R.4.5 First proposal for adaptation (IT - EN) link
R.5.1 KIT ECOVET link
R.5.2 FORMAT MoU link
R.5.3 FORMAT L.A. link
R.5.4 Third Transnational Meeting - Madrid link
R.6.1 Experimentation-Testing Plan link
R.6.2 Tools for Focus Groups and Technical Boards and Format for the Collection of Feedbacks and Results of The Experimentations-Testing Realized link
R.6.3 Report on the Results of the Experimentation-Testing and Transfer Process link
R.6.4 Fourth Transnational Meeting in Wien and Dissemination Seminar link
R.7.1 Monitoring and Evaluation Tool-Kit link
R.7.2 Nr.3 Summary Monitoring Reports link
R.7.3 Final Monitoring and Evaluation Report link
R.8.1 Project Website link
R.8.2 Nr. 4 Issues of the thematic Newsletter (every 6-months) link
R.8.3 Final Meeting And Conferenza link
R.8.4 Publication of the final validated version of the Methodological-Operational Tool-Kit of Ecovet link













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