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The Province of Siena is a public body managing the Public Employment Services (from now onward PES) system within its territory as well as several projects and activities with secondary schools and young students. The Province is a reference point for the community of the area, playing an important role in socioeconomic development, by supporting vocational training and employment.

The Province is an intermediary authority between the regions and municipalities with function of direct representation of the community, territorial development planning and socio-economic development.

The Province of Siena has set up since November 1999, a network of five local employment centres (PES) within its territory, in 5 different areas. The aim was to provide publics services to improve employability and promote the 'meeting’ between demand and supply of labour.

Within the Centres, career and vocational guidance activities provide specific services for each group of customers, on entering, and support reintegration into employment through a personalized approach to the needs of the person. In this context, there are also specific services for the so-called weak labour market (people with disabilities, women, foreign workers, ex-prisoners, youth at risk of school dropout).

In the field of vocational training, the Province of Siena defines the objectives and annual plans for training and funding, coordinates and supervises the work of classification, specialization, retraining. The training is designed to promote the employability, lifelong learning and the competitiveness, stability and quality of work.


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