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CNA Siena, National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises, constitutes the point of reference of representation, protection and promotion of the economic and social development of women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in general.

The CNA of Siena, since 1946, operates in the territory of Siena and is a stable point of reference for all firms in the craft sector and beyond. There are about 4000 companies with headquarters in the province of Siena, which refer to the CNA.

CNA has 22 offices throughout the provincial area. There are 150 employees who work permanently. CNA believes that being in the world, means being part of an association that can bring all in one the force of thousands of companies and a unique heritage of skills and relationships built over time. Companies can benefit from a wide range of services provided by CNA specialists.

CNA Siena works to raise the quality of life of the entire region, not only from the economic point of view but also at social and cultural level, organizing events and educational activities, with the direct involvement of business associates.

The employees of the system CNA Siena, are constantly involved in training activities.

The orientation of professionalism towards the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises characterizes us for the offer of appropriate tools to each dimensional level, in relation to specific areas of activity. CNA Siena is part of numerous companies and organizations, which are useful to provide specific advanced services to its associates, ranging from safety in the workplace, environment, education, export and anything else that might be helpful to a good management of the companies.

Since the mid-70s, the CNA has encouraged and given birth inside numerous consortia and groupings / business networks in the areas of plant, construction, contract and facility management, transport, communications, green building, and so on.


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