The partnership is one of the main strengths of the Ecovet project.

All the stakeholders who participate in the project have significant experience in transnational/international cooperation, expertise in the implementation of the ECVET recommendation and / or in the green economy.

All the partners involved are active in the green economy sector for different reasons: at institutional level, vocational training or representing the business sector.

The project involves the participation of the Chamber of Commerce of Siena, as the promoter and Eurobic Tuscany South (Eurobic Toscana Sud) as the technical coordinator of the project, along with 9 core partners, including 4 Italian:

  • Province of Siena
  • National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises - CNA Siena
  • Italian Center of Higher Studies in Tourism - CST
  • Consortium National Training Update and Guidance - CONFAO

and  5 partners coming from different European countries:

  • AT - IBW Institutf├╝rBildungsforschung der Wirtschaft
  • EL - IDEC S.A.
  • ES - CECE Spanish Confederation of Education and Training Centres
  • RO - ODIP AsociatiaObservatorpentruDezvoltareaInvatarii Permanente
  • SI - CPI Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Vocational Education and Training

The project includes the participation of 7 associate partners who are interested in the project issues and on the effects that the project may have on the territory.

These stakeholders are local companies that operate in the south of Tuscany in the energy sector at different levels (private companies of the green sector, plant engineering, energy management, managers of public services, etc.) and interested in using and experiencing the inputs and results of the project.

The project has also received the support of important local organizations such as:

  • Region of Tuscany, main organization who aims to share, include and implement the results of the project in the local Tuscan public system.
  • Chamber of Commerce of Arezzo
  • Chamber of Commerce of Grosseto


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